Friends of St Owen's, Bromham



Day to day fundraising depends on activities which raise relatively small amounts, for example:


Coffee mornings or Open Days

The 100 club


If you shop online you could help us every time: click HERE for details





Although we have raised sufficient funds to allow the building of the extension to proceed, we are still looking for donations to allow us to fit out the kitchen and carpet the meeting room, once the building is completed. We are asking for donors to sponsor everything from a square metre of carpet tiles at £10 to a commercial dishwasher at £1,434. (See the "present projects" page)

Clearly, the normal Church income is insufficient to meet any capital expenditure.  Personal donations are an essential element in the mix of resources.

This letter has been sent to previous donors.  Please consider how you can help us complete the project, now that we are so close to the finishing line..