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Friends of St Owen's, Bromham

St Owen's North side building extension


The long awaited extension at St Owen's was formally opened by the Bishop of Bedford in a service of dedication on 26th September 2021. This addition on the north side of the church comprises toilets, kitchen and a large meeting room - "The Fellowship Room".   

Local organisations interested in hiring this facility should contact Edward Jones on (01234)826551

The building of the extension follows many years of fund raising from charitable organisations, and most notably through the hard work, dedication and generosity of the local community and congregation.

This completes our project which began with the south porch being beautifully altered to make a slope from outside directly into the Church. The steps have been taken away and wheeled access is now easy.  The south door has been skilfully enlarged to fit the new doorway.

We rejoice in the completion of the project and to offering you the use of a historic building brought up to the standards of the 21st century. 

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