Friends of St Owen's, Bromham

Present projects


The position of the church in Bromham Park adds greatly to its appeal; it can be admired from all sides and the view is not expected to change in the near future.  But the setting has brought long-standing problems with providing an up to date infrastructure. A first phase of work has recently transformed access to make entry accessible to all, and the next phase is the long-awaited extension on the north side of the church.   

Sufficient funds have now been raised to build the extension which will include toilets, kitchen and meeting room.  This is due to be completed by the end of April 2021. However, we still have to fit out the kitchen and carpet the meeting room. We are asking for donors to sponsor everything from a square metre of carpet tiles at £10 to a commercial dishwasher at £1,434. For the complete list please see the April Parish News or contact Edward Jones (01234  826551) or David Butler (01234 407351)

This will conclude our project which began with the South porch being beautifully altered to make a slope from outside directly into the Church. The steps have been taken away and wheeled access is now easy.  The South door has been skilfully enlarged to fit the new doorway.

We look forward to the completion of the project and to offering you the use of a historic building brought up to the standards of the 21st century.

Please send donations to:

The Treasurer,

Friends of St Owen's,

17 Molivers Lane,

Bromham MK43 8JT